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Startup Copywriter

Branding starts with message strategy, then copywriting & visual design.

Copywriting for startups is wordcraft requiriing creativity, marketing savvy and analytical thinking to reduce complexity into simplicity.



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Deep understaning of start-ups thanks to prior experience as VP Marketing of IPOed tech companies. No matter the field: medtech, fintech, adtech, greentech, cyber, cannabis, crypto. automation and more.


Prior involvement in countless branding projects for startups, as copywriter and spearhead. Everything boils down to crafting the right differentiating messages before getting creative with the copywriting.


I'm the copywriter behind tens of viral ads generating 100s of millions of free views for leading brands as LG, Merck and the State of Israel. That's when I developed my storytelling skills and knack for cracking creative briefs - winning awards and recognition by BBC Commercial Breakdown, Cannes Film Festival and more. View some virals here



I'm a Communications lecturer, viral advertising pioneer, ex-VP Marketing at IPOed startups, and freelance English copywriter for tech companies and consumer brands. I spend much of my time researching, consulting and advising startups, as well as conjuring up killer copy for their coming roadshow, launch or campaign.

​I love words and consume more knowledge than food on a daily basis. Born and raised in Los Angeles, speak English, Hebrew & Spanish. BA (UCLA) & MBA (USC)  

Bilingual site: https://www.writing.marketing/

Gil Lavie, Copywriter for Startups

Tel Aviv, Israel

Email: gil.lavie@gmail.com

Tel: +972-(0)544-558-778

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